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Cat Grooming Guide To Manage Cat Fur Issues

Cat Grooming Guide To Manage Cat Fur Issues

Although most cats love going on outdoor adventures, these fluffy munchkins prefer keeping their cat fur spick and span often licking themselves clean from dirt, loose hair, and matted fur.

However, considering that grooming is such an important part of their everyday lives, as a cat parent, you too can lend them a helping hand in the process of grooming. Not only does it benefit cats in maintaining their beautiful fur and cat haor growth, but cat grooming also helps in establishing a deeper bond between a feline furry and its favourite human. Additionally, cats are incredibly affectionate, and grooming can earn you some brownie points from your royal buddy.

Do Cats Need Regular Grooming?

Grooming forms an essential part of a kitty’s everyday life. Not just for improving cat hair growth, but as a vital social activity among the members of the feline community. Cats grooming each other is considered a powerful contract of acceptance, friendship, love, and trust. For mommy cats, licking their newborn and kittens help in developing a bond of trust, in addition to helping cats identify their litter. Most kittens carry this as a sign of love and friendship into adulthood, and would often groom their favourite human by licking, as a mother cat would lick her kitten. Additionally, grooming also serves a massive role in the general well-being of cats, as it helps get rid of dirt and accumulated oil, loose and matted fur, which can otherwise encourage bacterial infestations and cat fur problems.

Most short hair cat breeds can easily get rid of loose hair and dead tissue cells by licking themselves clean, however, cats with longer coats often require special attention from their human parent when it comes to grooming. This is because long-haired cat breeds shed more and accidentally ingesting the loose fur can cause these majestic kitties to frequently throw up hairballs. So, as a cat parent, you can always offer long-hair cats some much-needed assistance as long as they are comfortable being touched. If your kitty is finicky about being touched, you can periodically groom them by brushing their coat to get rid of chunks of matted cat fur and loose hair, rather than invading their space to bathe them.

Benefits of Cat Grooming

  • Helps with Heat Stress

    The cat skin has a major role to play in regulating the body temperature of cats. Furry felines have pockets of air situated between their skin and layer of fur, which helps in keeping them cool in the summer months and prevent them from freezing in the winter. Cat grooming helps cats in maintaining these air pockets and prevents them from getting covered up by accumulated oil, dirt, and loose fur, therefore proving beneficial in avoiding heat stress and other cat fur problems.

  • Helps Find Ticks and Parasites

    Cats, especially those who insist on going for outdoor adventures, often come across insects, ticks, fleas, and parasites that latch onto their skin, substantially increasing the risks of cat skin allergies. Additionally, they can also get passed on to healthy cats, causing skin diseases. Regular grooming can be an effective way in finding if your kitty has ticks and parasites and take proper measures to get rid of them, as well as avoiding cat losing fur.

  • Helps Notice Lumps

    Senior and overweight cats often form lumps on their skin. Lipomas are common fatty tumours that often appear on the skin of cats. Although lipomas are harmless and do not generally hamper the usual lifestyle of cats, cancerous lumps that go undetected often put the furry felines at fatal risk. Grooming them periodically can help cat parents check for lumps, prevent cat losing fur and seek professional care from veterinarians.

  • Fewer Hairballs

    Most cats are used to grooming themselves by licking their fur clean. And this often results in cats accidentally swallowing loose hair and patches of tangled fur. Although this does not pose an immediate risk, an accumulation of loose hair can interfere with the digestive process of cats, causing them to throw up hairballs frequently. Cat grooming allows you to easily get rid of loose hair, considerably lowering the chances of your friend throwing up hairballs and other cat fur problems.

  • Less Hair Shedding

    All cats, especially those with longer coats, are prone to shedding. Although harmless, loose hair and flaky cat fur can often get around the house, getting stuck to furniture, which can result in additional hours of cleaning your house. Grooming your kitty regularly is an effective way of getting rid of matted fur and regulating cat hair loss, and can comparatively lower hair shedding.

  • Allergy Reduction

    Cats release an oily substance from their skin that keeps their fur moist and prevent it from falling off. However, the excess oil that is not absorbed by the fur can easily attract dirt and dust, creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and allergens, and can worsen over time, leading to feline dermatitis. Cat grooming can help get rid of dirt and grime, reducing the chances of contracting an allergy and reducing cat hair loss.

Tips for Cat Grooming

  • Start Grooming When They are Young

    If you are concerned about how to groom cats, one of the wisest ideas would be to start cat grooming your mystical munchkin early while they are still kittens. Not only does this help in establishing a bond of trust, as kittens are frequently groomed by their mothers, but it also gets them familiarised with the process of grooming. Growing up, cats who have been groomed as kittens are less finicky about being groomed and touched.

  • Brush Them Regularly

    Cats are known to shed loose cat fur throughout their lifespan. And loose cat hair can easily get tangled with fabrics and furniture, or contaminate food items. So, it is advised to regularly brush their fur to get rid of loose hair. Regular brushing also prevents the fur from getting matted, which can otherwise lengthen the grooming process. It also helps in setting a deeper bond between a cat parent and their fur buddy.

  • Clean Their Ears

    Although cats prefer to groom themselves generously, making sure they are adequately tidy at all times, they are often unable to clean their face and ears properly, making it important for cat parents to pay extra attention to cleaning their ears. Cats have sensitive ears, which are susceptible to infections caused by bacterial infestations that thrive in the secretions that can accumulate in your furball’s ears. If you are wondering how to groom cats by cleaning their ears, try using soft cotton balls or tissue that can effectively get rid of the grime.

  • Trim Their Nails

    Cats have retractable claws that grow continuously throughout their lives. Although serving as their primary weapon to hunt and defend themselves against threats, cats’ claws can easily accumulate dead skin cells, dirt, and grime, providing an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. When it comes to how to groom cats, trimming their nails frequently is a vital part of the grooming process and can help not just to reduce the chances of bacterial infestations, but also avoid accidental scratches from your feline friend.

  • Reward With Sheba Treats Throughout the Grooming Process

    How to groom cats is a question frequently asked by new cat parents. Cats immensely enjoy their food and treats can go a long way in helping them to calm down and form a meaningful bond with their human parents. As cats value their personal space, not all cats are fond of getting touched and can get upset if the grooming process drags on for too long. However, offering them some delicious Sheba premium cat food can be incredibly helpful in getting them to feel relaxed and be more tolerant about getting groomed. And if your kitty is already well-behaved, there is no greater reward than Sheba premium cat treats to celebrate its impeccable manners!


Cat grooming is of crucial importance. It is beneficial for the health and well-being of our felines and additionally serves several vital functions. It is a social gesture of trust and love and helps cat parents in developing a stronger, more precious relationship with their wonderful felines

However, if you are still unsure about how to groom cat, why not consult a professional agency that has expertise in pet grooming services? Not only does it help you avoid the lengthy process of having to groom your furball, but it also opens up several additional options for you.

Professional pet groomers are experienced in handling finicky cats, and know the details of grooming that most cat parents are not aware of, such as the use of specific pet-friendly soap and conditioners, using particular nail clippers, and cleaning their ears. Most cat groomers also offer styling services that allow you to get your kitty’s fur styled.


  • Why is it important to groom your cat?

    Grooming is a vital social gesture in the feline community, often associated with friendship and trust, and can be exceptionally helpful when you are trying to befriend your kitty. Furthermore, grooming can be beneficial to their general health and well-being.

  • Do cats feel better after being groomed?

    If your cat is tolerant of being touched, the process of grooming can be incredibly relaxing for them. Since grooming has several positive associations among feline furries, it helps set a meaningful relationship and helps stressed cats feel better after being groomed.

  • What happens if I don’t groom my cat?

    Cats are likely to groom themselves clean. However, as a cat parent, grooming can have several benefits. You can find out of your cats are suffering from ear infections, flea and tick infestations, and more if you groom them regularly.

  • What is included in cat grooming?

    How to groom cat is a common question asked by cat parents. The process of grooming involves brushing their fur to get rid of loose hair, trimming their claws, and cleaning their eyes, ears, and face to prevent bacterial infestations.

  • What age can cats be groomed?

    Starting cat grooming while your royal kittiness is still a kitten can give you an edge. They will associate grooming with positive emotions, such as love and friendship and hence will have no problem being touched when they become older.

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