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SHEBA® Premium Cat Food

As any cook will tell you, good food depends on good quality ingredients. So, when it comes to creating our recipes, we source the best that nature has to offer: high quality proteins, fresh herbs and vegetables. All our SHEBA dishes are bursting with the vitamins and minerals your cat needs – and there are absolutely no fillers.

SHEBA wet cat food on a white plate
Illustration portraying balanced ingredients
Balanced & healthy with selected natural ingredients
Illustration of representation of proteins with no fillers
High quality proteins with no fillers
Illustration representing that SHEBA cat food is vet approved
Vet (and cat) approved

Where Our Food Comes From

Image of green fields by the coast

We source high-quality, traceable ingredients for our delectable recipes. As cats are carnivores, we are using high quality proteins to ensure they stay physically healthy. Vegetables are important too, of course, so we pack those into our dishes to ensure they’re rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Image of green fields by the coast

Ready, Steady, Cook

Grey cat eating SHEBA cat food from a white plate

We treat our high-quality ingredients carefully to preserve their nutritional goodness and do them justice. That’s why we oven-cook our chunks until they’re perfectly succulent and then gently flake to ensure the texture is just right for our feline diners. Even our easy-serve packaging is designed to seal in freshness.

Grey cat eating SHEBA cat food from a white plate

Vet (and cat) Approved

Grey cat looking to the right

All SHEBA recipes have to go through an exacting process. They’re developed with scientists and vets at our Waltham Petcare Science Institute to meet all your cat’s nutritional needs. Then we send our products to be approved by an independent laboratory. Finally, it’s the most important test of all: cats! The dishes go to an eager panel of taste testers to make sure they get the purr of approval.

Grey cat looking to the right

You MeoWed, wE lisTened

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