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At SHEBA, we think cats are something pretty special. We love their elegance, their mysteriousness and their unique feline spirit. That’s why we put so much effort into creating delicious food for them. Food that will seduce their senses, tempt their tastebuds and have them purring for more.

Grey cat lounging on light coloured carpet

Food That’s Good In All Senses

Close up of grey cat eating SHEBA cat food from a plate

All our recipes are created to delight our feline diners. Think succulent flakes of high quality proteins, delectable sauces and the freshest, vitamin-packed vegetables.

Step 1

Illustration of a SHEBA pack being opened with cat seeing
Start opening a pack of SHEBA making sure you’re in your cat’s eyeline

Step 2

Illustration of cat being affectionate
Watch as your feline friend’s eyes widen and they start to weave between your legs and turn on the charm!

Step 3

Illustration of cat being served SHEBA cat food
Serve your cat a delicious looking bowl of SHEBA

Step 4

Illustration of cat eating the SHEBA cat food
Watch as dinner is enthusiastically devoured

Step 5

Illustration of cat being affectionate with owner
Sit back and enjoy the purrs of approval and nuzzles of affection


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