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Tips To Choose Cat Treats For Your Cat

Tips To Choose Cat Treats For Your Cat

  • Hence, it is important to know when to treat your kitty with some flavourful Sheba cat treats and in measured quantities, to make sure they stay healthy and hearty.

Offering your royal kitteness cat snacks now and then is a great way to bond with your regal fur baby. Cat treats are also incomparable when it comes to training feline furries. However, as a cat parent, you have to make a smart choice regarding not only when and how much cat treat to feed, but also which cat treat should be the best option for your precious kitty.

To help you give the best to your cat, given below are some tips on offering treats to furry felines!

What to look for in cat treats?

Cat treats are generally available in a wide variety of flavours, with different textures and ingredients. So, it is always important to look for the right ingredients to make sure that your choice is best suited for your furry munchkin.

  • Recognisable ingredients

    While cat snacks can have a wide variety of ingredients look out for recognisable ingredients in cat snacks such as essential fats and fatty acids, grains, and catnip. This can also help you to avoid treats containing artificial colours and fillers, preservatives, and synthetic flavour enhancements that can adversely affect your furry friend’s health.

  • Meat

    Cats are carnivores. They require animal protein obtained from animal flesh and eggs up to a certain level to maintain all bodily functions. Looking for meat in cat treats can inform you about its caloric value, as well as screen for meats that your feline munchkin is allergic to.

  • Supplements

    Certain candy cat licks are also specially designed for ailing cats that require a health boost, and contain prescribed supplements that cat help your furry munchkin to feel better. Additionally, some cat snacks contain supplements such as vitamins and probiotics that help in feline digestion, as well as combat infections.

  • Treats especially made for cats

    Although it might make things easier to feed human food or table scraps as treats, ingesting food that is not well-suited for feline consumption can lead to indigestion and other health inconveniences. So, if you feel like rewarding your furry kitty, choose treats that are specially made for cats.

  • Treats from reputed brands

    When it comes to snacks for cats like cat licking treats or candy cat licks, it is always a good idea to purchase only from reputed brands rather than going for subpar treats that are cheaper. Reputed brands offer delicious cat snacks, like the Sheba cat treats that are available in exotic flavours and are safe for consumption.

Things to consider while offering treats

  • Treats should be special

    Cat parents must note that treats are meant for special occasions and not for everyday use. Snacks for cats should only be offered as incentives.

  • Feed them in moderation

    Offer cat licking treats in moderation or measured quantities because snacks for cats have a high caloric value, and if fed frequently, can lead to feline obesity.

  • Human food also counts as treats

    You can split your meals as snacks for cats once in a while. Because prolonged and continuous exposure to human food can lead to health problems.

  • Avoid anything potentially dangerous

    Know what food is safe for kitties before feeding anything to your cat. For instance, cats can fall sick from ingesting chocolate and alcohol, as well as uncooked potatoes, onions, and garlic.

  • Treats cannot replace the attention

    Cat treat sticks as a cat’s favourite food can be an efficient tool to attract felines and train them. However, nothing can replace being attentive to your cat and showering it with love and affection to develop a strong, loving bond.

Alternative Treat Options

  • Canned fish

    Cats are often recognised for their unparalleled love for fish and are certainly some of the biggest aficionados for fish out there. So, if you are not looking forward to buying cat snacks, canned fish is an amazing alternative as a cat’s favourite food that will attract your kitty. In addition to containing vital nutrients like iodine, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, canned fish like tuna is extremely flavourful.

  • Cooked chicken/turkey

    Cats are also fond of chicken, which is often used as the base ingredient for most cat treats. However, if your kitty is not well-suited for commercially available cat treat sticks, why not reward it with some home-cooked chicken or turkey? Chicken and turkey are high in animal protein and low in fat, making this a treat you can offer frequently. However, make sure to cook the chicken or turkey well to make sure your little munchkin has no digestive troubles.

  • Cooked eggs

    Eggs are an amazing source of animal protein and fatty acids. So, you can offer it as a regular cat food treat to your royal ball of fur without having to worry about them putting on weight. However, since raw eggs contain bacteria, such as salmonella, which can lead to food poisoning, it is crucial to cook it well before feeding it to your cat. Eggs are also easy to make, making them convenient for working cat parents.

  • Small cubes of cheese

    While cats drinking milk from a pail is an incredibly adorable image, it is often unwise to offer milk to adult cats. Kittens can drink and digest milk, but they gradually lose the ability to process milk while growing up and are often lactose intolerant. However, as cats are fond of dairy, you can also offer small cubes of cheese as treats which most cats can digest easily.


As foodies, cats are rarely able to refuse delicious treats from their beloved humans. This makes cat treats an awesome incentive to get a cat to like you, develop a lifelong bond of love, or use it as an aid while training your kitty to learn new tricks. However, since treats are a high-caloric affair, it is important to make sure to use treats in moderation, as an unchecked consumption of cat treat sticks can lead to feline obesity, or hamper their usual diet.

Choosing the best cat treats from reputed brands is a no-brainer, as they are manufactured and distributed with utmost care, and are also unmatched in terms of flavour and taste. Sheba premium cat treats have long remained a popular choice among cat parents as they are prepared from the finest ingredients that are safe for feline consumption and come in several wonderful flavours and textures that imperial kitties just love!


  • What cat treats are actually good for cats?

    The best cat treats are prepared from carefully chosen ingredients and are packed with certain nutrients your kitty will benefit from. As the cat’s favourite food, cat treats with added supplements also contain vitamins and minerals and can be good for underweight or ailing cats.

  • What is the healthiest treat for a cat?

    Commercially available snacks for cats are extremely appealing to cats for their incredible flavouring and are often a cat’s favourite food, but offering home-cooked treats such as chicken, fish, and eggs is the healthiest treat for a cat as they are low in calories and high in nutrition.

  • Is it OK to give cats treats every day?

    As tempting as cat treat sticks are, it is not the best idea to offer cats treats every day because certain treats are high in calories. Instead, you can reward your furball with home-cooked chicken or eggs for being good.

  • At what age can kittens eat treats?

    kittens can start with soft lickable treats as early as 8 weeks of age and can eat crunchy cat food treats within 3-4 months. Kittens need to be transitioned from their mother’s milk to outside food before they can start enjoying treats.

  • Can I feed my cat just cat treats?

    It is unwise to replace the everyday diet of cats with treats. Most cat treats are high in calories and too much can lead to obesity. Furthermore, snacks for cats do not often contain all the vital nutrients your cat needs.

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