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Tips To Organize A Cat Birthday Party

Tips To Organize A Cat Birthday Party

As humans, we are always in a celebratory mood when it comes to birthdays. It is a special event not just for the person whose birthday is being celebrated, but for their near and dear ones as well. The excitement, the thrill, and the thought behind throwing your loved one a birthday party never goes amiss, and it holds true for holding a cat birthday party in honour of your feline friend too. Because not only is your furry friend a bundle of joy for you, they are royalty and they deserve to be treated like one!

Birthdays are always a call for celebration, be it a human or your royal kittiness. And by celebrating your feline’s birthday, you are honouring all the meaningful time you have spent together since the moment you met each other. Spending just a day treating your cat like a prince or princess it is, only seems fair. So, if you are looking for cat birthday ideas before throwing a birthday party for cat, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Ways to celebrate your cat’s birthday

  1. Decorate your home

    If you have an artistic side to explore, why not get started by decorating your home for your majestic furball’s cat themed birthday party? Not only is it an excellent excuse to deck up your living space, but it also helps bring a touch of colour to an otherwise normal day! And decorating your house can go a long way in making your feline friend feel special. From decorating your room with cat-themed streamers, ribbons and balloons, there are several ways of going the extra mile for your favourite pet. And the piece de resistance? Get your furry feline dolled up for the special day with pretty apparel and perhaps a DIY party hat and mask.

  2. Get toys for your cat

    Cats are as playful as they are intelligent and enigmatic. So, spruce up your happy birthday cat ideas with some new toys! Most cat breeds enjoy spending time playing with their favourite humans, so getting new toys for your cat will allow you to spend some quality time together which can lead to a deeper, more meaningful bond. And cats are fascinated by all kinds of toys, so there is a wide range for you to choose from. You can get balls or stuffed toys for these cuties to hunt down. Even catnip-filled chew toys are perfect for keeping them entertained for hours!

  3. Special cat cake

    What is a cat themed birthday party without a cake? But cats are notoriously lactose intolerant, so remember that cakes meant for human consumption are not suitable for your feline friend, and might lead to indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhoea. But you do not want your precious munchkin to fall sick on its special day! So, with a special cat cake, you can now celebrate your cat’s birthday to its fullest. Not only is the special cat cake an exquisite treat that your furry friend is going to love, but these cat cakes come in customized shapes, which might range from your cat’s favourite toy or designed as a picture of you together!

  4. Cat portrait

    And speaking of pictures, nothing says I love you as nicely as a portrait specially made for your feline friend! Celebrating your cat birthday means another year has already gone by, and your feline friend is no longer the tiny kitten it used to be. It has grown up being an important and valued member of your family, and all you can do is immortalize your love for the little ball of fur it once was with a customized cat portrait. Presently, cat portraits are available for cat parents who miss the kitten their favourite feline once was. These cat portraits can be customized according to your preferences. So, surprise your feline friend on its birthday with a specially curated cat portrait.

  5. Pamper your cat

    And while your cat is going to love all the extra attention it will get showered with on its special day, nothing beats some extra love and affection from its favourite human - you! On the special day of your adorable feline friend, remember to go the extra mile to pamper your cat with all the love and cuddles, new cat toys, cat portraits, and more. Not only will it be a precious memory for all your days to come, but it will also mean a lot to your feline friend to be able to share the occasion with you. In addition to cat birthday ideas like the special cat cake, you can also make sure to bring your cat its favourite cat treat, or a new toy to play with. This playing session will allow you to forge an unbreakable bond with your furry ball of joy.


Your cat themed birthday party will be incomplete without the favourite meal of your cat. But don’t worry as Sheba Premium Cat Food has got you covered. Sheba Premium Cat Food offers a range of the highest quality and delicious wet cat food to keep your feline friend well fed and hydrated on its special day! The wet cat foods from Sheba are made from the healthiest ingredients so that your cat receives all the required nutrients while enjoying the lip-smacking meal. Give your feline baby these portioned meals from Sheba and look how quickly your furry friend licks its bowl clean!


  • How do you throw a cat a birthday party?

    Throwing a birthday party for cat is always a special affair because your regal feline absolutely deserves all the extra love and attention. Keeping that in mind, you can throw your cat a birthday party by decorating your house and getting your cat dressed at its finest. You can also get your cat a special cat cake, new cat toys, and a mouth-watering wet cat food meal from Sheba as a special treat.

  • What do you serve at a cat party?

    A special cat cake never goes wrong as one of the best cat birthday party ideas. They are affordable and easy to make. All you need is some tuna, egg white, flour, and cheese. Mix them well and simply bake them till done. This tasty treat will leave your furry munchkin waiting for more. In addition, you can also serve your cat’s favourite dry food and Sheba Premium Wet Cat Food for it to enjoy.

  • What should I do for my cat’s first birthday?

    A cat birthday is always special, and here are some cat birthday party ideas. Cats are easily entertained. So, throwing a birthday party for your cat might not always be the hardest task, but might need all your attention. In addition to decorating your house, you can also dress up your cat at its finest, or serve special cat cake and their favourite cat food. You can also buy them new cat toys to play with and have cat portraits.

  • How do I spoil my cat?

    While spoiling your cat with excessive food is not always a good idea and can have adverse effects in the long run, your cat birthday is that one special day when you are allowed to spoil your cat to your heart’s content. In addition to the amazing cat birthday party ideas, you can pamper your cat with new catnip toys, premium cat food, and a special cat cake on its birthday.

  • Do cats like being pampered?

    Most cats simply love being pampered. Though cats are mostly introverted and reserved, they will never say no to some affection and admiration from their favourite humans. And for your cat’s birthday, make sure to shower it with all the love and affection. Spending an entire day with your cat in fun and games will also help you foster a deeper bond with your little furball.

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